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Meet marie- Your Chief People Officer

If you've ever thought, "I'm great with this business, but I could use some help with these people," you're not alone. As an entrepreneur, doing it all can become all-consuming. You've probably had this conversation with other CEOs. And while knowing that it's normal may take away some level of self-criticism, it's not solving your problems. 


As your strategic partner, invested in the growth and success of your organization, my approach lies in an understanding of the unique dynamics of your business paired with an organizational health assessment. I'm passionate about transforming workplaces into thriving, collaborative environments. I specialize in strategic human capital management, emotional intelligence, and leadership development.


Whether you're a startup working to build a robust people-focused foundation or an established company seeking to strengthen your team, my strategic services will benefit each member. A company's success is deeply rooted in its people. I work with organizations to enhance employee engagement, boost productivity, and achieve long-term objectives by fostering a culture of trust, open communication, and a positive approach toward change.


I am a graduate of Immaculata University with a degree in Organizational Behavior (minor in psychology). While at Immaculata University, I maintained a 4.0 GPA and earned induction into three honor societies. As an organizational consultant, I've helped my clients increase revenue, create systems that increase productivity, and overcome obstacle-based mindsets, so they can realize their vision. I've led seminars, developed courses, and cultivated vibrant communities. I love to ask questions, dig deep for meaning, and research the data needed to achieve the desired transformation. 

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