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You have excellent business execution and a talented team, but your corporate culture, strategy, and organizational relationships keep you up at night. You feel overwhelmed with getting everything (and everyone) to operate at a high level of productivity while maintaining a supportive team atmosphere. You want to see the answers to your problem on a billboard and have someone implement it for you.


This is for you if

You Don't need to

  • Hire additional staff

  • Figure out how to create more hours in your already overworked day

  • Read another book, listen to another podcast, or do further research online

Imagine this Instead

  • You receive support from someone who knows how to ask the right questions

  • The feedback/strategies light you up--you can envision their positive impact

  • You finally have the time necessary to focus on YOUR goals and you know exactly what they are

What if you slept better at night because you had a stress management tool kit, stocked with techniques that helped you reset when you needed it? Your employees weren’t feeling the effects of daily workplace drama when they went home at night, so the time spent with their families was rich and meaningful. They slept better at night, too, because they’ve gained time management resources in addition to their stress-reducing protocol. 


Team members are healthier because reduced stress equals a stronger immune system. Fewer sick days mean increased productivity, but it also means a longer life span for everyone. Team members weren’t agonizing over group projects such as reports, meetings, or other daily tasks because they knew they could trust their coworkers and leadership team.


Managers gained insight into understanding body language. They learned how to read their team and spotted conflicts, insecurities, and emotional strain before it impacted the organization. But more than that, managers met their employees during their struggles, encouraged them, and made a difference.


You now have your dream team without hiring one additional staff member. But as word spreads about the holistic culture within your organization, And suddenly, you’re flooded with high-quality applicants, preparing you for the growth coming your way.

Elevated Solutions Consulting exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. We provide a uniquely focused range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and create inspiring culture. Our Emotional Intelligence-based approach is not only what differentiates us but also what makes us successful. 


Start with a consultation call or request additional information regarding Organizational Optimization.

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Our Services




During the call, we'll discuss your current goals and challenges and the impact of emotional intelligence within your organization. By the end of our session, you will better understand how emotional intelligence can benefit your organization and the practical steps to begin incorporating these skills into your work. You'll leave with a set of key takeaways that will result in an immediate impact.


Organizational Optimization

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has a more significant impact on our workplace than IQ. Communication, trust, resilience, stress management, and overall life satisfaction determine an organization's culture and productive outcomes. While the intended benefit of this program lies within the organizational framework, the transformation experienced will revolutionize marriages, families, and community engagement.




As a coach specializing in emotional intelligence, one-on-one  sessions provide a personalized approach to help you overcome obstacles, improve communication, and achieve goals. With a focus on practical strategies, you'll walk away from each session with actionable insights  you can immediately apply to your work and life.

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