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Organizational impact

Transforming organizational culture through emotional intelligence.

This is for you if

  • You have excellent business execution and a talented team, but your corporate culture, strategy, and organizational relationships keep you up at night

  • You feel overwhelmed with getting everything (and everyone) to operate at a high level of productivity while maintaining a supportive team atmosphere

  • You want to see the answers to your problem on a billboard and have someone implement it for you



  • You slept better because you had a stress management tool kit, stocked with techniques that helped you reset when needed

  • Your employees weren’t feeling the effects of daily workplace drama when they went home at night, so the time spent with their families was rich and meaningful

  • They slept better too, because they’ve gained time management resources, and relationship skills, in addition to their stress-reducing protocol

  • Efficiency, creativity, and resilience skyrocketed


the positive impact spread

  • Team members are healthier because reduced stress equals a stronger immune system

  • Fewer sick days mean increased productivity, but it also means a longer life span for everyone

  • Individuals weren’t agonizing over group projects such as reports, meetings, or other daily tasks because they knew they could lean into the trust that permeated coworker relationships and leadership team

  • Managers gained insight into understanding body language 

  • They learned how to read their team and spotted conflicts, insecurities, and emotional strain before it impacted the organization

  • But more than that, managers met their employees during their struggles, encouraged them, and made a difference

You lived your dream

  • Your've created the CULTURE that previously felt unreachable

  • You overhear employee conversations now filled with an even DEEPER level of purpose, connection, and collaboration

  • But it means even more when you hear them talk about the growth they see in themselves—they no longer run from conflict, instead, they lean into hard conversations because they know how to work through them

  • Your leadership team calls out employee value, potential, and skills; and now, the individuals SEE it too

  • You have your dream team without hiring one additional staff member

  • As word spreads about the holistic culture within your organization, you’re flooded with high-quality applicants, preparing you for the growth coming your way


You can create the culture you've envisioned

Ready to elevate your organization's people strategy? We'll work together to enhance your workplace culture, strengthen systems, and drive meaningful business outcomes. 


We'll create a perfect plan for your organization through our custom-curated options for short and long-term impact. Our packages are suitable for solo-preneur operations through teams of over 100 employees.  


Schedule a consultation today to discuss how our CPO services can transform your organization.



During the call, we'll discuss your current goals, challenges and the overall health of your organization. By the end of our session, you will better understand how our partnership will benefit your organization.  You'll leave with a set of key takeaways that will result in an immediate impact. There is no charge for the first session. Consultation calls are held via Zoom or phone call (your preference) and last approximately 30 minutes.


Organizational Optimization

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has a more significant impact on our workplace than IQ. Communication, trust, resilience, stress management, and overall life satisfaction determine an organization's culture and productive outcomes. While the intended benefit of this program lies within the organizational framework, the transformation experienced will revolutionize marriages, families, and community engagement.


One-on-One Coaching

As a coach specializing in emotional intelligence, one-on-one sessions provide a personalized approach to help you overcome obstacles, improve communication, and achieve goals. With a focus on practical strategies, you'll walk away from each session with actionable insights  you can immediately apply. Let's strengthen your mindset and breathe a fresh perspective on your work.


Monthly Presentations

Schedule training sessions for your team (in person or virtual) including time for Q/A. Topics are customized based on organizational needs and outcomes. Popular topics include transforming negative self-talk, leveraging workplace strengths to cultivate strong coworker connections, and increasing emotional intelligence across the organization. Reach out via email for additional information.


People Focused Packages

You'll receive monthly access to personalized solutions for complex employee challenges, strategic HR consulting, performance management, conflict resolution, customized training, and regular progress reviews. Your monthly package gives you exclusive access to immediate feedback and constant support. Schedule a consultation call for additional information and to discuss your needs.


Leadership Development

Elevate your organization's future with a focus on leadership development. This tailored program cultivates strong leaders within your team and includes:

  • Personalized leadership training

  • Executive coaching

  • Team-building workshops

  • Communication skills enhancement

  • Strategic decision-making support

  • Ongoing progress evaluations

  • Custom-designed learning materials

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